Cutting Edge Software Development

Xorovo is a best-in-class software development firm, specialized in mobile, web 2.0 and voice applications. We create the best products, like:

  • iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and HTML 5 Apps
  • Virtual Communities and Social Networks
  • Value Added mobile voice and video services

Highest quality

Success in Xorovo’s projects is guaranteed by the combination of strong skills with constant attention to details and quality, both perceived and substantial, with a continuous focus on budget and time to market.

Time to Market

Even the most advanced and powerful tecnologies are worthless when developed without paying attention to the market and the times it demands: Xorovo, in terms of respect of time estimates and cost control has an absolutely immaculate curriculum. Without ever giving up on innovation and total quality.

Innovative by definition

Innovation is in DNA of Xorovo, a university spin-off founded to translate research into products and services. This characteristic is evident even in the simplest projects, through a constant research for new and better solutions, to enable Xorovo’s partners to be always on the edge of technology, and, most importantly, to offer their users with state-of-the-art applied research.


Xorovo is a reliable and strategic partner, capable of accompanying its partners for design to delivery of any project. The orientation towards innovation and the proactive mindset of its team mean Xorovo is the ideal technological partner.